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I am a professional singer and qualified singing teacher based in the Portsmouth, Hampshire, area with 20 years of performing experience and over 18 years of teaching experience, covering all ages and genders. I have a strong philosophy that everyone has a right to sing and have the enjoyment of music in their lives.

Lessons are offered on a 1:1 basis and are devised to suit you as an individual. The content is bespoke in nature, as the reasons for taking lessons can vary; here are just a few:

  • Confidence building
  • For improved health and well-being
  • Singing for pleasure
  • To develop vocal technique
  • To enjoy different genres of music & to learn a variety of singing styles
  • Performance preparation
  • Academic attainment (to take grade examinations)

I also regularly perform at local residential homes, weddings, anniversaries and parties.

Please feel free to look around the site or contact me if you would like further information.

Happy singing!


Singing Lessons

    What happens in a lesson?

    The lessons will always cover a holistic view of the singing voice, where posture, breathing technique, vocal exercises, tone, vowel and projection technique will be covered. There will be a strong emphasis on expression and interpretation of the music being studied, as well as aural skills and musical theory, both vital elements of a singer’s musical journey. Performance skills and microphone technique are also covered. The music that we work with will come from a variety of genres, to enable you as a singer to find your particular passion and to learn about using your voice in different ways.   If you would like to take Graded examinations, I work with the Independent Contemporary Music Awards (ICMA) which have graded singing examinations in a number of different musical syllabuses, including contemporary vocals, musical theatre and pop vocals. The examiners with this board are dedicated to putting students at their ease and are experienced with particularly nervous students. Recital and Professional Diplomas are also available. For more information on this exam board, please visit www.icma-exams.co.uk.   Alternatively, for students wishing to take their musical career further, the Trinity College London Examination Board has an internationally recognised set of Graded examinations, details of which can be found at www.trinitycollege.co.uk.   My students achieve excellent exam results and I pride myself in offering mobile as well as studio-based lessons. This means that there is the option to learn in the comfort of your own home. I provide the equipment available for the lesson; all that is asked is that we have a quiet space in which we can work. Alternatively, lessons can be held in my music studio based in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

    Never too late

    Please remember it is never too late to learn a new skill. I have often heard the phrase said to me ‘I wish I could sing, but I can’t’. After talking further with people, I discover this is usually because they have been told by someone earlier in life that they ‘can’t’ or they compare themselves to others and believe their voice should remain behind closed doors (or in the shower!). Being afraid of singing is very common; the difference between other musical instruments and singing, is that the voice is an instrument that is a part of you, not something you carry about in a box. It is a very personal part of who you are. Whether you decide to take up singing lessons or not, please remember:
    • Everybody can sing.
    • Music is for everyone.
    I have a few students who are in their retirement and learning to find their singing voice - and loving doing so! So whether you would like lessons or are too afraid to sing along to the radio for fear of embarrassment, please try and open your voice - you may surprise yourself with how good it feels.

About Me

I am a fully qualified singing teacher with over 16 years teaching experience and 20 years performance experience. I believe strongly that everyone has a right to sing and have the enjoyment of music in their lives. I offer 1:1 singing lessons for all ages and abilities and enjoy very much helping people to find confidence with their voice. Everybody can sing and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to be able to introduce and encourage singing and music into people’s lives. The benefits of singing are endless – both physically and psychologically and I have a personal interest in various projects that are researching these benefits further. I have a strong ongoing commitment to developing my skills and knowledge of the human voice. My specialised area of music is jazz and blues but I love to sing all genres of music. I dedicate myself to discovering new music to study and share with others. Currently, I find the most popular songs that people request to hear are musical theatre, classical and easy listening, both contemporary and traditional. I perform at a variety of venues for different occasions including residential homes, birthday parties, Christmas celebrations, fundraisers and weddings. I am a full member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, (ISM), as well as the Association of Teachers of Singing. Membership of these professional bodies ensures I keep up to date with the most current issues and legislation for teaching and performing, as well as the most recent thinking in vocal pedagogy. I hold a fully enhanced DBS Certificate and am proud to have achieved the ISM Registered Private Teacher status. This is gained following the ISM collating independent references from students as well as verifying qualifications. Strongly believing in the therapeutic benefits of music, I am also a qualified Lifemusic Practitioner and a member of Sound Sense, the professional association which promotes music making in the community.

Other Services

Online Lessons

I am pleased to confirm that online lessons are now available. I offer a fully inclusive service, covering a wide range of musical topics and support. To find out more and discuss your needs, please get in touch.    


I perform regularly for residential homes, at weddings and parties and love to perform songs that people love to hear and sing along to if they wish! My repertoire includes both traditional and contemporary songs, ranging from folk song, classical, jazz, blues, musical theatre all the way through to pop. My performance experience includes performing in venues ranging from theatres, cathedrals, churches, private parties, pubs and both outside and under cover wedding ceremonies.


I always feel very honoured to be able to help a couple celebrate their special day. I strive to make the performance reflect who you are as a couple and as such I am happy to arrange music that you desire wherever possible. I can also offer a recommended list of suggestions for wedding music.I understand how important a wedding day is for a couple and therefore I always include one or more consultations prior to the big day to go through the music and ensure everyone is happy with the final performance plans.


When learning a new instrument, whatever it may be, people can sometimes feel daunted about also having to learn the skill of reading music, especially when this is completely new to them. I am happy to provide additional tutoring and guidance on the theory of music in separate, bespoke 1:1 lessons. I also regularly tutor and enter students for the Graded Theory of Music Examinations with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). The lessons can take place on a regular or ad-hoc basis, in the comfort of your own home or in my studio.
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I came to Abi to sing for fun. Having never sung previously I was nervous to start, but within the first few minutes Abi made me feel at complete ease. Despite it being my first time singing, Abi made me feel confident to sing in front of her. Over the weeks, Abi has helped build my confidence in my own voice. I am going to miss singing with Abi each week as she is one of the most warm, kind and welcoming people I have met. If you are looking to start singing for whatever reason be it for fun or audition preparation, I couldn’t recommend Abi enough.



I came to Abi to build my confidence and ability in singing to help auditioning for performing arts schools. I am primarily a dancer, so singing was out of my comfort zone. I was offered places at multiple schools and I feel Abi’s help seriously aided me in getting those offers. A year later, whilst training at SLP College, I have returned for the summer to continue building my skill with her. Abi is a really good teacher who has taken the time to focus on specifically what I need.



I’ve had singing lessons with Abi for seven years now and couldn’t have asked for a better singing teacher. Not only are the lessons helpful and instructive, Abi manages to make the lessons so engaging and fun. Her enthusiasm and knowledge makes learning singing techniques simple and easy to understand, as well as interesting and enjoyable. As what I want from my singing lessons has evolved, Abi has evolved with me creating lessons for me that have not only taught me but also provided an outlet to do what I love to do; sing. Abi can suit the needs of all people that love to sing and, with her kind and friendly attitude, is sure to go at your own pace. I cannot recommend her strongly enough!



Abi was recommended to me through my hairdresser, as I mentioned I was looking for a wedding singer. I contacted Abi and she came round and sang in my lounge, her voice was stunning, it made the hairs on my arms stand, my boyfriend was very impressed too so we agreed she would sing at our wedding.The wedding rehearsal came and Abi was there as promised practicing and doing her sound checks, even at the rehearsal her voice was just beautiful…then the day of the wedding came and I can honestly say Abi singing made my wedding day perfect…everyone was talking about how stunning and beautiful her voice was and how magical it made my wedding service. When she sang everyone stayed silent as they were just stunned by her voice…it was perfect. I cannot say enough thank you’s to Abi, her voice is just beautiful and she is such a lovely person and very easy to deal with, which is great when you are arranging a wedding. Without her my wedding day wouldn’t have been half as beautiful as it was and it has definitely been a talking point since. I would recommend Abi to anyone. Her voice is just stunning.

Cheryl and Wayne


Abi’s performance during our wedding ceremony was astounding, she was really able to capture the emotion of the day and many of our guests commented on how moving her performance was. From the day we first met Abi right up to and after our ceremony she has been professional, open and accommodating. My wife and I would like to thank Abi again for helping to make our special day even more so.



We want to say a big thank you to Abigail who gave such a flawless performance at our wedding. She was professional from the moment we spoke to her, throughout the rehearsals and during our ceremony. Abigail’s singing was a real highlight for us and all our guests, so thanks for making our special day more perfect for us! We would recommend Abigail without hesitation, she was calm, relaxed, required little input and helped to put us at ease.

Jen and Jon


Abi’s singing clinic was perfect preparation for my vocational college auditions. Her focus on technique and detailed warm up exercises helped me greatly. Thank you for everything Abi!